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Plastic Granules


Sieving & Filtering Solutions resolving Plastic Industry problems.



Plastic granules are the raw materials for plastic components, which are melted and moulded into the desired size and shape. Plastic industry leaders are using Vibro Separators to sieve and grade plastic granules.

In on of the networking meet we came to know that the plastic industry is facing issue with wire mesh ring. While further discussing they revealed that if the shape of the mesh is round, they will be able to sieve more accurate plastic particles. They also mentioned that by using normal wire mesh there is a risk of tearing of the wire mesh.



It was a tough situation for Galaxy Dongzhen to resolve this issue. How can we create a round shaped mesh wire which 4-6 mm in diameter? After a long discussion and R&D trials, we come to the decision to use a DONGZHEN Vibro Sifter with a perforated sheet instead of wire mesh.

It was a unique design, developed by the engineers of Galaxy Dongzhen. Engineers were so confident on the structure that industrialist had to accept the system. Engineers from both the end were eagerly waiting for the results.



After the successful installation of the system, Plant managers were quite happy to see the performance of the machine. It was a first on-site installation of this kind of arrangement. Days are gone, and the result was spectacular! No more mesh wire tearing issue & no more quality concern. The system was working absolutely fine & as expected.

After successful implementation of DONGZHEN Ultrasonic Deblinding System, they are able to achieve the production throughput in less than half of the time as consumed initially (before installation of de-blinding system). Now, for the similar batch of the API to be screened, the loss of the active pharmaceutical ingredient has decreased due to elimination of mesh blinding/clogging.

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