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mixing tank
mixing tank
mixing tank
mixing tank
mixing tank
DZJX Liquid Homogenizing Mixer Double Jacket Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Cream Lotion Detergent Emulsion Emulsifying Machine
Size : DZ100 DZ200 DZ500 DZ1000
Usege: Heating, mixing, homogenizing, high dispersion tank

1.The liquid washing homogenizer is mainly suitable for the configuration of liquid detergent (such as detergent, shampoo, body wash, etc.) products. The mixer integrates the functions of stirring, dispersing, heating, cooling, pumping and defoaming(optional).
2.Wall scraping stirring adopts frequency converter speed regulation, which can produce high-quality products with different processes according to customers’ requirements. High speed homogenizer, powerful mixing solid and liquid raw materials can quickly dissolve AES, AESA, LSA and other insoluble materials in liquid washing production.
3.The pot body is made of 304/316L stainless steel material, and the tank body and pipeline are mirror polished, in line with GMP requirements
4.According to the process requirements, the tank can be heated and cooled materials, heating methods are mainly steam and electric heating two; Convenient discharging, can be directly discharging, can also be configured with conveying pump discharging.

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