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Vertical Mixing Dryer
Vertical Mixing Dryer
Vertical Mixing Dryer
Vertical Mixing Dryer
Vertical Mixing Dryer
The working principle of a vertical mixer is to use the rapid rotation of the screw to lift the raw materials from the bottom of the barrel to the top, then scatter them in an umbrella shape, and return to the bottom. This way, the raw materials can be stirred up and down in the barrel, and a large amount of raw materials can be evenly mixed in a short time. If a heating device is installed, there will be a high-temperature airflow inside the entire material barrel. Due to the material flipping up and down, It can be dried in a short period of time.
Size : DZ300 DZ500 DZ1000 DZ5000
Usege: DZJX Plastic Particle Grains Vertical Mixer And Dryer
Electric Control Box
The intelligent control system automatically controls the operation of the entire machine and can be set to start at a fixed time according to production needs.
Feed Inlet
Enlarged feeding port for fast feeding and convenient operation.
Dedicated high-pressure fan, fast penetration of hot air, and uniform heating of materials.
High quality pure copper motor, strong power, stable and durable.
Cleaning Port
The movable suction plate design makes it more convenient to clean excess materials.
Circulation Discharge Port
Large diameter discharge port, combined with stepless adjustment of the blade, can control the circulation mixing amount freely.
Inclined port design, fast discharge, non clogging.
Observation Window
Transparent and visible window design for easy observation of material levels.
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