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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


The pharmaceutical industry is one of quality sensitive industry and during the solid drug(tablet, capsule) manufacturing process, the particle size distribution (PSD) of API and excipient has turned out to be one of the important aspects of drug product development and to meet the quality objectives of the solid drugs.

A leading pharmaceutical industry uses industrial screeners of global make to manufacture their extensive range of solid drugs and even supplied to global markets. The medicines from this pharmaceutical company is used in the treatment of diseases.

The typical production process of solid dosage drug includes screening of the important active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients procured from the bulk raw material manufacturer using a sanitary industrial screener to eliminate contamination and oversize particles.



The respective production team at one of the manufacturing unit was facing a challenge of low production throughput and poor quality of their active pharmaceutical ingredient which is used during the manufacturing of the drug.

This impacted the overall process efficiency of the manufacturing unit which eventually affected the bottom line of the organization.



After meeting the production team at one of the manufacturing unit, we learned that the organization is facing a serious challenge, one of them being low API quality due to manual and human intervention with the product due to sticky nature of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, which tends to stick on-to mesh screen.

This eventually impacted the process efficiency and low production throughput of solid drug formulation, because of the mesh blinding/clogging of the mesh apertures, concludes, Sr. Manager-After Sales , Galaxy Dongzhen India.

After meeting the production team and understanding the organization’s concerns, Galaxy Dongzhen identified and proposed a unique solution, an Ultrasonic Deblinding System, to achieve the right quality of API and production throughput.



The engineering team at the plant were completely satisfied with the technical aspects and trial run of DONGZHEN Vibrasonic Deblinding System. The Ultrasonic Deblinding System is capable to screen sticky and very fine powders and prevents blinding of the mesh screen.

The DONGZHEN Ultrasonic Deblinding System was retrofit with Vibro Separator of different design and make. This capacity enhancement solution from Galaxy Dongzhen overcome their production challenges by achieving high production throughput due to elimination of mesh blinding and high API quality by eliminating manual & human intervention with the product i.e. prevented manual rubbing the product on mesh screen.

After successful implementation of DONGZHEN Ultrasonic Deblinding System, they are able to achieve the production throughput in less than half of the time as consumed initially (before installation of de-blinding system). Now, for the similar batch of the API to be screened, the loss of the active pharmaceutical ingredient has decreased due to elimination of mesh blinding/clogging.

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