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Why use Dongzhen Machinery Vibro Separator?
  1. A multi-deck Vibro separator will help you to achieve accurate gradation of aluminium powder.
  2. Vibro Separator is built with high-grade stainless steel that gives longer life to the sieving equipment.
  3. Built for higher throughput capacity so that your time and efforts are reduced.
  4. It provides easy assembling and disassembling reducing the maintenance cost and time.
  5. Efficiently sieve the material and provides optimum sieving results


Dongzhen Machinery brings you the opportunity to establish a robust sieving system in your industry which can provide a lifelong support and performance. We also assist our customers with after-sales services and 24/7 support. Our trial facility allows you to trial run your material before purchasing sieving equipment. Contact us now for the assistance on your sieving and filtering challenges.


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