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Six Main Features of Linear Vibrating Screen

A dual-motor rectangular separator is designed in a way that generates linear motion & allows free flow of materials that needs to be sieved & screened. Previously difficult to screen dry/wet including sticky and abrasive material with round vibrating screener is now easily achieved with Linear Vibrating Screen.
The quality rectangular separator is capable to screen, grade, de-lump, de-water any bulk solid or slurry. The unique, single to dual convertible screening deck design of the horizontal screening machine ensures high screening efficiency and boosts productivity.

Here are the six main features of Linear Vibrating Screen.
1. Linear Motion
Linear Vibrating Screen is designed after understanding Sieving & filtering requirement of various vivid products & application where more area, vibration & time is required. It is designed in a way that generate Linear Motion ensuring high screening efficiency.
Linear motion is very useful for sieving products like grains, tea, fenugreek, coals that require more time & area for efficient screening, sieving & grading.
1.Dual Motor
Comes with dual motor mounted to each other for proper vibration flow. Arrangement of dual motor makes the machine screen frames to vibrate in linear motion perpendicular to the motors, resulting into good forward push of oversize particles.
2.Convertible Technology
Linear Vibrating Screen is widely used for screening, sieving, grading & also for filtration at a times. Whenever it is used for grading any product into 2 different sizes, an additional deck is required & whenever it used to screen or sieve any product single deck is only required. It can be easily & quickly converted from single to double-decker.
The easy & smart convertible screen deck reduces downtime by making maintenance way easier.
4.Adjustable Vibration Motor
Linear Vibrating Screen is equipped with Adjustable Vibration Motors that can help in achieving different speed & levels of vibrations as per degree settings.
5.Zero Gap Design
It has a unique Zero Gap Design that enables leakage-free operations & helps in zero product loss.
6.Adjustable Sieve Inclination
To make sure sticky or abrasive material do not remain inside, adjustable inclination technology is integrated with Linear Vibrating Screen.

The above 6 features prove why investing in Linear Vibrating Screen is worth in accordance with the products you want to sieve, grade or filter. To know more about linear vibrating screen, please contact us and learn how efficient it will work for your particular application.

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