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Significant features of Dongzhen Tumbler Screen


Dongzhen Machinery is pioneer in providing unique sieving, screening, de-dusting, de-lumping, grading, sifting & filtering multiple products & materials to 12+ industries including major economy running industries like Agriculture, Food & beverage & Pharmaceutical industries.

To fulfill the requirement of sieving, screening, grading fine & ultra-fine materials, we have designed & developed the Dongzhen Tumbler Screen. The robust designed Tumbler screen is real time solution for products having low bulk density & where very fine particles to be separated from the larger ones.

Here are the 3 remarkable features of Dongzhen Tumbler Screen that makes it unique & easy to operate screening & filtering equipment.

Unique motion pattern

The unique motion pattern of Dongzhen Tumbler Screen helps to achieve accurate screening & grading of fine materials. The Dongzhen Tumbler Screen generates three-dimensional tumbling motion (elliptical movement) that enables screening of fine & ultra-fine particles with ease.

The elliptical movement sets radial & tangential inclination. The screening material spreads evenly on the entire surface from centre towards the periphery. The radical inclination makes the screening material move from centre to outwards & tangential inclination makes material move in circular pattern, thus a spiral motion is achieved. Fine particles pass through from centre while coarse particles travel outwards in circular pattern on periphery & are discharged from outlet.

The uniqueness of Dongzhen Tumbler Screen is its working pattern. Its working pattern allows screening material to move in a spiral direction on the mesh, enabling material to stay longer on the screen & this in return gives precise level of screening & grading.



Accurate 6 level gradation

Dongzhen Tumbler Screen is designed to deliver up to 6 level of accurate gradation as it can opted with 5 decks. Previously difficult to grade mixture of big granules & fine particles, now can be graded with ease.



Pneumatic deck lifting system

Dongzhen Tumbler Screen is powered by pneumatic deck lifting system that makes it a very easy to operate & DIY screen adjustments.

With handling Dongzhen Tumbler Screen with multi-deck, each deck must be lifted individually & that could be a quite hectic, manpower & time-consuming process. To overcome that & make process hassle free pneumatic deck lifting system has been masterly designed with Dongzhen Tumbler Screen.

The system will allow to lift all decks simultaneously if required for inspection, cleaning or changing screens at a one go.

The pneumatic deck lifting system is on demand system & it can installed & retrofitted to your existing Tumbler separators.

If you are also having any low bulk density material or fine material to be sieved, screened or graded, you can get in touch with us.

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