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Metal Powder Recovery System for 3D printing industry


Everyone is today talking about additive manufacturing or 3D printing as one of the future technologies to meet the increasing demand for personalized or customized products. In particular, the loading of the production equipment with the corresponding plastic or metal powder, and metal powder collection and reuse.



The vacuum conveyor was designed to revolutionize your metal powder recovery process by extracting powder from the printing bed then sieving the powder for future use. What’s more, because it is a closed system, it eliminates the operator having to come into contact with the powder, ensuring a safer environment.


Make all powder handling in production processes safe and reliable, make the work of your production staff easier and improve conditions at the workplace: Choose Vacuum Conveyors from Dongzhen for your aspiration and pick-up, transfer and loading of machines with powders and bulk materials.

Configuration scheme: adapter→4-way valves→vacuum feeder→auger feeder


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